Honeywell’s Area-Imaging Scanners Read Drivers’ License Barcodes In Three New States

Posted May 11, 2010

Honeywell barcode scannersEnhanced EasyDL™ software parses data on Texas, Ohio and encrypted Georgia licenses

Honeywell announced that their EasyDL software plug-in has been enhanced, enabling select area-imaging scanners to parse and decrypt bar code data found on Georgia state licenses for applications involving age verification and automatic electronic form population. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s area-imaging scanners now lead the AIDC industry in their ability to scan all U.S. and Canadian driver’s licenses that include PDF417 bar codes. Ohio and Texas are the latest states to include a PDF417 bar code on the back of its licenses, bringing the total number of driver’s licenses that Honeywell supports to 47 states and two Canadian provinces.

Age verification is a federal requirement for retail stores selling age-restricted items such as tobacco, liquor and gambling products. With a quick scan of a customer’s driver’s license, Honeywell’s EasyDL provides retailers with an age verification solution to ensure federal compliance is met. The solution lessens the responsibility placed on the cashier or business owner by eliminating user error associated with manually checking birthdays on identification cards.

Beyond streamlining the age verification process, EasyDL aids retailers in registering customers for loyalty programs. EasyDL software captures data from a scanned license and automatically populates registration forms for rewards programs or mailing lists, resulting in a quicker transaction with improved accuracy and less hassle.

“Honeywell is continuously investing in technology to provide retailers with the most innovative and time-efficient solutions available,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management—scanning, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “By utilizing Honeywell’s EasyDL solution, retailers can capture more accurate customer data in less time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention.”
EasyDL is compatible with the following Honeywell products: Xenon™ 1900, Xenon 1902, Genesis™ 7580, Vuquest™ 4980, Focus® 1690, FocusBT® 1633, and the IS4920. The software plug-in can be pre-installed on select Honeywell area-imaging scanners for out-of-the-box functionality. It can also be purchased as a standalone upgrade for compatible scanners that have already been deployed in the field.

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