TEKLYNX Introduces LABELNET Browser-Based Network Printing

Posted April 27, 2010

TeklynxWeb-based label printing application eases administration and simplifies printing

TEKLYNX, the world’s leading developer of software products for the Automatic Identification & Data Collection (AIDC) marketplace, today introduced TEKLYNX LABELNET, a configurable, server-based interface that controls workflow access to production labels and the ability to print from network-accessible workstations worldwide.

LABELNET allows companies to create a workflow-focused web interface that minimizes the risk of user error and reduces the time spent performing labeling tasks. The interface is entirely server-based, which eliminates client installs and IT overhead. Operators can access the application using a standard browser that is readily accessible on most standard computers, from any workstation that is linked to the network – worldwide.

“At TEKLYNX, we’ve taken feedback from our customers and followed the latest trends in enterprise labeling solutions to create this new application,” said TEKLYNX Managing Director Laura Henderson. “By taking an Internet-based approach, we can use technology familiar to the print operators and simplify the training process.”

Centralized Control – Easy Access

LABELNET offers the ultimate in centralized control. It is installed on a single server and all configuration is defined in a single location. Users on networked workstations can then access the application through Internet Explorer.

LABELNET pulls key printer and label data from the LABELNET database, such as printer names, work order, and product information, and displays it in the Web interface. When the user prints a label, the information is processed via SENTINEL, LABEL ARCHIVE, and CODESOFT before it is sent to the printer. This ensures that the label designs are consistently used and an audit trail is generated.

Operators requesting labels see a Web form with just the information necessary to complete the labeling task. The form’s contents are defined by workstation location and the user’s access rights. Users are prompted to enter only variable information that isn’t known until print time, such as weight. The icon-based Internet Explorer interface makes it easy for operators to select and preview labels before they are printed on a designated printer.

LABELNET helps meet 21 CFR Part 11 and other compliance requirements by tracking print history and label access across the organization. LABELNET can be easily configured to fit in with existing business processes and is easily updated to accommodate process changes.

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