Free Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade for Socket SoMo 650 Mobile Computer

Posted April 23, 2010

We are pleased to offer Socket SoMo 650 Windows Mobile 6 customers Service Pack 6 (SP6) free of charge. This release is full of New & Improved Features and Performance Enhancements. We encourage all customers to take advantage of SP6 to maximize your SoMo 650 investment.

  • Compatible only with SoMo 650 devices running Windows Mobile 6.
  • Customers using Windows Mobile 5 can purchase an upgrade DVD, SKU# SW1241-893

Socket Power Plus Battery Friendly® Utility Advanced battery management, monitoring and diagnostic
128MB SoMo File Store 128MB non-volatile memory that survives a “hard reset” of the
device on all 1GB configurations. Ideal for provision
deployments and features Auto-Run support **
Re-flash from SoMo File Store Re-flash your 1GB SoMo from the SoMo File Store nonvolatile
memory **
Socket Enhanced WiFi Companion (e-WFC)  
Configuration Provider Configures a WLAN network using a XML configuration file. Additionally, supports configuration of 3rd party device management tools.
Clear Text Keys and Passwords Selection of “Show Keys and Passwords as clear Text” option
SocketScan™ Update (ver. 7.6) Now supports Bluetooth 2.1 for the Socket Cordless Ring
Socket CPU Performance Utility Now with an improved user interface, this utility replaces the IPM utility and enables multiple settings for optimized performance and real-time CPU usage monitoring
Microsoft Remote Desktop Support Microsoft Remote Desktop client is now pre-loaded onto your SoMo
Sprite Backup Update Latest updates to the trial backup utility
Japanese Language Support Japanese support for Standard, DX and Rx configurations Latest updates to the trial backup utility
Audio Recording and Playback Optimized sound quality when built-in microphone/speaker or wired headset is used for recording and playback.
Socket Enhanced WiFi Companion (e-WFC)  
LEAP configuration with static WEP Prevents the mis-configuration of LEAP with static WEP
Hidden SSID

Selection of a hidden SSID now prompts user to enter the SSID manually rather than displaying * * * *. “Encryption Misconfigured” message now prompts user with “Multiple Encryption Types”

LEAP Connectivity and Roaming Optimized reconnection upon network Authentication failure results in faster reconnection timing
Bluetooth Suspend/Resume Optimized Bluetooth “reconnect” upon suspend/resume action
File Transfer Optimization Optimized file transfer speeds (especially for large files)
Internet Explorer Default mode for browsing set to Mobile Device configuration vs. Desktop Computer

* Full feature benefit requires factory upgrade for MCU firmware versions less than v2.7 Page 1 of 3

** Not available on 256MB SoMo configurations.

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