Socket Mobile Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner Compatible With Apple iPad

Posted April 20, 2010

Apple iPad and Socket Mobile scannerDevelopers Creating Applications for Healthcare and Hospitality Can Quickly and Easily Add Sophisticated 2D/1D Barcode Scanning

Socket Mobile, an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, today announced Apple iPad compatibility for the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7X and its antimicrobial equivalent, the CHS 7XRx. Released in January of this year, the CHS 7X and 7XRx are extremely lightweight, portable, state-of-the-art 2D barcode scanning solutions that fit a diverse set of application requirements in a range of industries including healthcare, hospitality and retail.

The Apple iPad paired with a Socket CHS 7XRx is a compelling system combination for healthcare and medical markets requiring tablet-sized screen displays and 2D barcode data collection.

“We see a lot of potential for the need to add barcode scanning to the iPad, particularly in the healthcare sector where barcode scanning is used in applications such as medication administration, patient ID verification, material management and pharmacy logistics,” said Samantha Chu, data collection product manager at Socket Mobile. “Adding the iPad to our already significant list of devices supported for 2D data collection was a must. We’ve received significant developer requests and market feedback beginning when the iPad was first announced, and we’re pleased to be able to deliver now that it’s available. We expect developers to immediately purchase units for software development, and shortly thereafter we’ll begin the process of pilot, beta and corporate deployments.”

“The iPad is an evolutionary product on its own, but coupled with the Socket CHS Series 7X or 7XRx Bluetooth barcode scanner it is truly a game-changer for our industry,” said Mike Sweeney, co-founder of Winston-Salem based Integrated Solutions. “The CHS 7X allows us to move our applications built for a variety of vertical markets to the iPad, including our face-to-face marketing data capture application called MarketCap, our @Work Sales application, and a number of other healthcare and insurance forms-based data collection applications that are controlled by government compliance requirements.”

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