Pacific Timesheet Announces Partnership with BarcodesInc

Posted April 19, 2010

Pacific Timesheet partners with leading provider of Barcode, mobile computing, POS and RFID products in North America.

Pacific Timesheet has announced a strategic partnership with BarcodesInc to provide integrated time tracking solutions where employee, job and work order data are collected using barcode scanner systems, mobile computing, point of sale and RFID solutions.

BarcodesInc is the largest provider of barcode, mobile computing, point of sales and RFID products and solutions in North America.

Pacific Timesheet VP of Operations Jim Dickerson stated, “We are very pleased to formalize our partnership with BarcodesInc. Dickerson continued, “This partnership significantly enhances our product and service offerings into segments requiring important barcode, point of sale and mobile computing solutions. In particular, this helps our customers track time on jobs and work orders in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations.”

Raul Cepeda Jr., BarcodesInc Business Development Manager, stated, “We are very excited to partner with Pacific Timesheet. Bringing together BarcodesInc’s customer service offering and hardware expertise along with Pacific Timesheet’s cutting edge software will provide the market with the best-in-class Time and Attendance Solution.”

Dickerson further explained that this partnership will provide additional specialty solutions tracking time, student and patient activities in various social service agencies, educational and training institutions. “Adding BarcodesInc’s capabilities with our time and attendance, payroll time tracking, time off and absence management, and scheduling on-premise and SaaS solutions, Pacific Timesheet will now be able to provide complete end-to-end time tracking solutions in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations.”

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