LXE Adds Windows Mobile 6.1 to MX8 Rugged Handheld

Posted May 8, 2009

LXE MX8 Rugged Handheld ComputerAddition of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System Creates New Path for LXE and Software Application Use

ATLANTA – May 8, 2009 – LXE Inc., the rugged mobile computer business of EMS Technologies, Inc., announced today that the MX8 rugged handheld computer will include the Windows Mobile® 6.1 operating system. The MX8 is LXE’s ergonomic, lightweight, yet extremely rugged data-collection computer, ideal for use in a wide array of light industrial and supply chain environments.

“The MX8 handheld computer powered with Windows Mobile will extend LXE’s reach into new applications and markets,” states Steve Newell, LXE’s general manager. “We have seen growing sales of the product in the pharmaceutical and retail markets among others, due to its size, ergonomic design and voice capabilities. This computer was designed for scan-intensive or multi-modal voice applications. As such, we believe sales of the MX8 handheld computer will continue to increase with this expanded functionality,” Newell adds.

Windows Mobile 6.1 is the most current version of the Windows Mobile operating systems for handheld computing devices for data collection. This operating system complements the existing version of the MX8 handheld computer with Windows CE 5.0. Both versions of the operating systems will be available for partners and customers to develop and run their applications.

As with all of LXE’s products, the MX8 handheld computer is designed for a variety of application uses. Specialized plastics absorb impacts; solid state, industrialized electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedized display and choice of backlit keyboards can handle the rigors of any industrial and back room operations.

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