Honeywell’s Dolphin 9900 Delivers The Latest Data Capture, Wireless Communication And Gps Capabilities

Posted June 24, 2008

Combination of Robust Features and Ergonomic, Rugged Design Optimized for the Industrial Mobile Worker

Skaneateles Falls, NY – June 23, 2008 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announces its new Dolphin® 9900 Mobile Computer to help ensure intuitive use, reliability and enhanced productivity for workers in the field. The Dolphin 9900 combines the latest data collection, communication, and location-based technologies with an ergonomic and durable design.

With integrated voice and data communication, GPS and advanced Adaptus® Imaging Technology for barcode scanning and picture taking, the Dolphin 9900 lets businesses stay connected with their employees, supply chain and customers more effectively and more efficiently.

“Coming off the tremendous worldwide success of its predecessor, the Dolphin 9500, our target customer for the Dolphin 9900 are businesses that value a mobile computing platform with the latest technologies as well as comfortable and reliable use for the mobile worker all day long,” said Greg Payne, Manager of Product Marketing, Mobility Systems, Honeywell Imaging and Mobility. “While many manufacturers have migrated to less durable PDA-like solutions, the Dolphin 9900 class of product is being adopted across all core vertical segments, including transportation, retail, warehousing, logistics and healthcare. The 9900 fills a significant customer requirement for a device built specifically to serve applications in harsh environments that require high levels of both barcode scanning and keypad data entry. Additionally, the Dolphin 9900 delivers full Shift Plus™ battery performance—10+ hours—virtually eliminating the need to replace batteries during most work shifts. You simply cannot find this optimized balance of performance, durability and ease of use from any other mobile computing manufacturer.”

The Dolphin 9900 is Honeywell’s first solution that enables customers to capitalize on the company’s lifecycle strategy for backwards compatibility. This platform allows customers using the

Dolphin 9500 to migrate to the next-generation Dolphin 9900 while keeping much of their legacy infrastructure—accessories, batteries and device peripherals—in place, creating the potential for significant cost savings. Additionally, user interaction with the Dolphin 9900 is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, reducing or eliminating requirements for user training and easing the migration of software applications onto the new device.

“Our goal is to earn customers for life,” said Garrison Gomez, Director of Product Marketing, Honeywell Imaging and Mobility. “A major part of that strategy is creating a lifecycle model that makes it easy for a customer to upgrade to a next-generation solution. Through interface similarity and backwards compatibility with our previous generation device, we can help make migrating to the latest technology a less costly and less resource-intensive process for customers.”

The industrial-grade Dolphin 9900 is built to be an extremely reliable solution with a highly rugged design and advanced power management technology to ensure uninterrupted performance in heavy-use environments. Specifications include an IP64 rating, 5-foot drops to concrete and testing to withstand more than 2,000 3-foot tumbles.

The Dolphin 9900’s computing architecture is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 with an Intel® PXA 270 624 MHz processor with 256MB RAM x 1GB FLASH memory to ensure fast performance in data intensive applications. An integrated Wi-Fi certified 802.11b/g radio delivers real-time network access to mission-critical information and supports advanced wireless security standards. The Dolphin 9900 is Cisco CCX v4 certified and offers multi-mode wireless connectivity (GSM/GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth).

“Windows Mobile enables businesses to mobilize their workforces and equip them with the applications they need to optimize productivity in the field,” said Scott Horn, general manager of the Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft Corp. “The Dolphin 9900 is a great example of a mobile device that leverages our software to empower industrial mobility customers with powerful customer service-enhancing capabilities.”

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