Add Instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) to your Motorola Mobile Computers

Posted November 19, 2009

Motorola TEAM ExpressWith the simple addition of the TEAM Express voice client, you can power your already powerful Motorola mobile computers with instant push-to-talk (PTT) communications.

Easy and cost-effective deployment

Simply purchase TEAM Express from your Motorola channel partner, download it to your mobile computer and push-to-talk. No server or PBX integration required.

Interoperability with different devices

TEAM Express-enabled mobile computers can communicate with one another, as well as TEAM VoWLAN devices. And, with the addition of the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS), interoperability with existing two-way radios is enabled, allowing workers to reach each other quickly — regardless of the device used. Instant access enhances productivity and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Compatible Motorola mobile computers

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