CipherLab Mobile Computers Achieve Star Micronics Certification with Point Of Service Printers

Posted November 18, 2009

Star TSP800This joint solution automates on-the-go data capture and printing for increased efficiency in public safety, healthcare, retail, and industrial settings.

CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse and distribution markets, today announced that Star Micronics America, Inc. has certified CipherLab’s 9471 handheld mobile computer as compatible with its four-inch TSP800 Point of Service (POS) printer. Certification from the second largest POS printer manufacturer worldwide means that workers in industries such as public safety, healthcare, retail, and logistics can mobilize and automate receipt printing using a CipherLab handheld. This dual mobile printing solution, now available through BlueStar, results in increased efficiencies.

“By wirelessly pairing a CipherLab mobile computer with our Point of Service printers, workers can enter data immediately and print information while on the go without the need to haul large devices. This means they can take work with them wherever and whenever – saving time and ultimately money,” said Christophe Naasz, Director of Business Development at Star Micronics America. “Working with the CipherLab product was a pleasure. Its Windows® CE operating system allowed us to connect within minutes. The CipherLab 9471’s rugged form-factor matched with the TSP800’s high-speed and ease of use provided a perfect mobile solution.”

“This Star Micronics-CipherLab joint offering gives workers greater mobility than a laptop,” said Al Crawford, Vice President of Technology at CipherLab. “Because the CipherLab 9471 can collect data by scanning or data entry, it can eliminate handwritten notes, thereby, decreasing transcription mistakes. For example, a police officer can issue a citation on the spot, saving them a back-and-forth trip to their patrol car. And when the officer returns to their vehicle, a paper citation will already be printed and ready to go.”

Crawford added, “Another time-saving aspect of this joint solution is the signature capture feature on our CipherLab handheld. This feature allows for instantaneous printing on Star Micronics devices. This is particularly useful for sensitive transactions such as medical prescriptions.”

Both CipherLab and BlueStar, a Star Micronics distributor, see this certification as a time and money-saver for resellers. “The fact that we offer a pre-tested, turn-key, integrated mobile computer and printer solution reduces the time and resources end-users need to choose the right products for their business while helping resellers add to their bottom line,” said Rob Dorsey, Vice President of U.S. sales at Blue Star.

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