Teklynx Codesoft 9 Barcode Label Software now Available

Posted November 17, 2009


Unmatched ease of use, flexibility, and power for enterprise-wide label printing

CODESOFT 9 has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on interface design, usability, and ergonomics – making it the easiest to use for label design and printing in an enterprise environment. Whether you are connecting directly to a database or looking for advanced data manipulation CODESOFT is the most powerful option in the industry.

Unmatched Ease of Use

The most powerful bar code software for Enterprise environments is now the easiest to use. Whether you need to design a label, connect to a database, or create complex bar codes such as HIBC or GS1 Databar, new Wizards in CODESOFT 9 make bar code label creation quick and easy.

  • Database Variables Wizard connects your label to a database with two quick clicks.

  • TableLookup Wizard easily links your label to multiple databases simultaneously.

  • Database Connection Wizard creates a database connection to the most common databases (Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle,etc.).

  • Graphical Query Builder makes it easier to create simple or complex DB queries in a graphical way and includes a color syntax editor. For advanced users, the SQL mode is still available.

  • New Formula Wizard quickly builds a formula in just a few mouse clicks.

  • HIBC and GS1 Databar Wizards easily create complex industry standard bar codes.

  • Variable Filters allow you to easily change your queries at the moment of printing.

  • Expanded Image Library allows you to incorporate any image format (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .eps) into your label design.


Label Comparison Tool – With this new tool, you can compare the details of your label, such as:

  • Objects and their properties
  • Data sources and their properties
  • Label/page format
  • Document properties

A detailed report allows you to navigate among the differences using a tree view.

Form Display – CODESOFT displays the label next to the variable data form so you can preview the label as you make changes. The form can be resized and customized. Variables can bemodified at print time, all at once, or one by one.

Powerful Integration Features

CODESOFT offers the most powerful integration options in the industry – allowing you unparalleled options to create custom printing interfaces and automate the label printing process.

  • DotNet Wrapper allows for seamless integration with products that use different technologies. As more and more integration projects use the .NET technology in either C# or VB.net – this new wrapper will make integration easier for developers.
    Integrators who develop in .NET now can chose between the CODESOFT ActiveX interface or the CODESOFT .NET interface.

  • ActiveX Automation gives developers the ability to create and print labels dynamically from their own applications by programming through Visual.Net, Windows Scripting, Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi and many other languages.

  • OCX Component exports labels into external applications (for example, Microsoft Word).

  • OCX Field lets you integrate an external OCX component (for example, a clock or calendar) into a label and modify or edit its parameters.

  • Form Designer/Viewer makes it possible to create/view customer front-end user interface screens for data entry and label printing.

  • Command File Interpreter (CFI) is an easy to use utility for printing labels automatically.

  • Printer Object File (POF) helps you create and modify printer object files through a user-friendly interface.

Cross Compatibility

SENTINEL Print Pack allows Enterprise-wide label printing from one central location.

LABEL ARCHIVE allows you to organize and control your labeling environment at the server level.

Unparalleled Printer Support

CODESOFT supports over 2,100 thermal/thermal transfer printers as well as any Windows-based printer. With CODESOFT’s high-speed, bi-directional drivers you can take advantage of every feature of your printer to print large runs of labels in a very short time. With its intuitive interface, operators can easily specify printer options including print speed, cut settings, real date/time stamps (ISO), etc.

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