Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer

Posted June 24, 2008

Honeywell’s new Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer delivers a complete set
of productivity-enhancing capabilities in a solution built for maximum
reliability and ease of use empowering you and your frontline employees
to work smarter.

combination of seamless voice and data communication between you and
your mobile workers, and GPS-enabled location-based functionality gives
you the ability to achieve real-time connection to your employees, your
supply chain and your customers – improving productivity and customer

Adaptus Imaging Technology enables capturing more
frontline data to improve operations, expedite processes all leading to
your ability to increase profitability

And, just as
important as the technologies the user puts to work, the Dolphin® 9900s
innovative power management system ensures workers get battery-life
that enables them to work all day without slowing down.

Key Features

  • Optimal Combination of Industrial-Grade Durability and Usability for ease of use and reliability in tough mobile applications

  • Wireless
    Full Area Networking (WFAN) – for real-time data exchange and voice
    communications on-site or off, plus Bluetooth for efficient wireless
    connection to peripheral devices.

  • Built-In GPS Technology
    integrated location-based capabilities gives you a powerful tool to
    enhance the effectiveness of your mobile workforce and gives your
    enterprise better control over assets in the field.

  • Versatile,
    High Performance Data Collection – Adaptus Imaging 5.0 enables workers
    to capture more service-enhancing frontline data by reading linear and
    2D bar codes, intelligently capturing signatures and taking digital

  • Shift-PLUS Power Management helps ensure
    uninterrupted productivity through delivering continual battery power
    beyond a full work-day.

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Microsof’ts
    latest mobile platform provides an industry standard foundation for
    developers while ensuring ease of integration and intuitive use.

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