Seagull BarTender 9.2 Label Design and Printing Software Now Shipping

Posted November 2, 2009

Seagull BartenderIncludes Revision Control, new Print Utilities and more!

In addition to Windows 7 compatibility, Seagull BarTender version 9.2 introduces three new companion applications, support for scanners and cameras, new integration features and more.

“Librarian” Provides Secure Revision Control
The brand new BarTender Librarian lets large groups of users, designers and administrators cooperatively and securely manage the storage and revision of label formats and other files (Requires Enterprise Print Server edition).

  • Improve Security: Store label formats in a secure database instead of “loose” on your hard drive.
  • Manage Workflow: Specify custom states (such as “Proposed” and “Published”) and which users can make changes.
  • Track Revision History: Store each new document version with user comments and a timestamp.
  • Rollback: Revert to earlier versions when desired.

“Batch Maker” Lets You Combine Multiple Label Jobs
The new Batch Maker utility makes it easy to specify a list of multiple label formats to print as a single “batch.” Batches can be printed from within Batch Maker itself, as well as from BarTender, Print Station and Windows Explorer.

Commander Now Returns Status Response
Programs that control BarTender using the Commander middleware application can now receive back important status information, either by reading a TCP/IP port or a file.

“Print Station” Launches Print Jobs with a Single Mouse Click
The new BarTender “Print Station” utility gives non-technical users easy point-and-click label printing without ever having to see the inside of a label design program.

  • Incredibly Easy: To launch a print job, users simply click on the desired label format, Batch Maker job or BarTender XML script.
  • Optional Prompts: Fully supports BarTender’s optional pop-up “prompt” screens.
  • Full Screen Mode: Allows PCs to be used as dedicated print stations.

Scanner and Camera Support
As an alternative to importing existing files when adding graphics to your labels, BarTender can now acquire images directly from any TWAIN or WIA device. In addition to printing images as part of a label, you can take pictures of existing labels and use them as design templates when converting from legacy software packages.

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