Presenting the Mobile Warehouse from BarcodesInc and Motorola

Posted October 21, 2009

Welcome to the know what, when, where and how warehouse.

In a fast-paced warehouse, visibility is everything. The more you can see across the enterprise, the more efficient your operation.

The key to enterprise-wide visibility lies in mobility.

In a mobile warehouse, everything and everyone moves seamlessly. By arming your workforce with cutting-edge wireless data management technology, inventory visibility and control is improved, everyone is connected with two-way voice and email, various manual tasks are automated, and overall productivity soars.

And that’s just the beginning.

In a mobile warehouse, the likelihood for human error is lower, floor personnel and office management can communicate in real-time, and repetitive, labor-intensive tasks like picking, put-away and receiving are completed in a fraction of the time. That’s because things like duplicate data-entry, manual checks and double checks, not to mention input errors, are completely eliminated.

And the benefits of mobility extend well beyond the four walls of your warehouse. With mobile computers and scanners, materials in transit are visible, goods on the dock or in the yard are kept moving, and assets can be tracked right from your warehouse floor.

In short, with a mobile warehouse solution from Motorola, all the bases are covered, with products designed to perform bar code scanning, image capture, RFID, voice communication and email. And it all works seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System.

It’s an intelligent way to keep warehouse productivity up and costs down.

And it’s just another way BarcodesInc and Motorola put Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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