The Mobile Warehouse: Sorting

Posted October 19, 2009


Increase the Overall Efficiency of Your Warehouse

If there’s one thing that can impact warehouse profitability, it’s your sorting processes.

A mobile technology solution from Motorola not only eliminates the problems associated with error-prone manual processes, it can increase the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Gain Visibility over Operations

Solutions that utilize mobile computers and wireless technologies are changing the rules of warehouse sorting. By replacing paper accounting practices with automated ones, you can gain unprecedented control and visibility over your sorting operation.

Using wearable mobile computers with integrated scanning terminals and voice capabilities, you can:

  • track the status of your work
  • scan and verify that product is in the correct location
  • identify lost product
  • direct the sorting sequence in a manner that decreases turnaround time

And RFID’s automatic identification capabilities are bringing hands-free sorting to the mobile warehouse, freeing up manual resources for other tasks.

Keep Staff Connected

Motorola solutions communicate with your Warehouse Management System to provide real-time access to order, shipping and inventory information. We can also help you create a wireless infrastructure with the scalability, reliability and security you need to keep your staff connected.

The process of sorting shipments and materials is vastly improved with a Motorola end-to-end enterprise mobility solution. From enhanced sort times to more accurate customer shipments, we can help make your warehouse more profitable.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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