The Mobile Warehouse: Returns

Posted October 19, 2009


Check Returns Quickly and Accurately

Warehouse returns are one of those “little things” that can have a major impact on your warehouse operation.

In a Motorola mobile warehouse you can check returns quickly and accurately, re-label them right on the spot, decide whether or not to return them to stock, and eliminate the countless other problems associated with working at a fixed workstation.

Identify Products Easily

A wearable mobile computer and scanning terminal with voice capabilities and rugged industrial mobile computer are specially made to handle scan-intensive sorting.

For fixed workstation settings, there is our fixed-mount mobile computer.

Each solution facilitates easy product identification, image capture and overall efficiency of handling.

And with RFID, the status and disposition of returned goods can be established immediately, triggering alerts and automated reactions with standard business rule decision-making.

Reduce Cycle Times and Raise Productivity

Our devices can communicate with your Warehouse Management System to provide real-time access to returns, inventory and billing systems. Best of all, Motorola can design a wireless network that meets your needs, today and tomorrow.

With a Motorola enterprise mobility solution in place, cycle times for returns are reduced, productivity is raised and product can be tracked in real time — even when it’s on the move.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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