The Mobile Warehouse: Pallet Picking

Posted October 19, 2009

Pallet Picking

Increase Pick Accuracy

One surefire way to expedite orders reduce delivery errors and make your customers happy is to improve picking accuracy.

In a mobile warehouse, pallet picking is significantly faster, more accurate and more cost-effective. And pallets checks and re-checks are a thing of the past.

Eliminate Error-prone Paper Processes

The key lies in technology that allows you to replace lists and other manual processes with technology that offers real-time control, viewing and verification of pallets.

Vehicle- and fixed-mounted computers and printers make pallet picking both flexible and cost-efficient. These versatile devices offer hands-free work direction and scan verification while eliminating error- prone paper processes.

Vehicles can be directed to “the next best task” based on their location and capabilities; all in real-time. And with RFID-equipped forklifts, picking instructions can be submitted wirelessly to forklift operators along with automatic pallet verification to ensure 100% picking accuracy.

Get Real-time Access to Information You Need

Working seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System, Motorola’s end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions deliver real-time access to the customer order, replenishment and inventory database information you need. And we have everything to meet your wireless infrastructure needs — from switches to access ports, intrusion protection to management software.

In a mobile warehouse, customer delivery errors due to old-fashioned manual processes are eliminated. Mobility-enhanced pallet picking also gives you real-time control over status and verification. In short, it moves your pallet picking process into the fast lane.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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