The Mobile Warehouse: Managers Assistant

Posted October 19, 2009

Managers Assistant

Take Care of the Office while Running the Floor

In today’s fast-paced warehouse, it’s easy for managers and supervisors to lose touch with operations on the floor.

But Motorola has a solution. With a personal mobile computer and communications system, you can supervise operations on the warehouse floor even when you can’t be there. Conversely, you can take care of business in the office while you’re on the floor, running things.

Multitask Like Never Before

With a rugged enterprise handheld digital assistant, you can perform multiple management functions simultaneously.

Utilizing integrated scanners and imagers, you can capture data on the floor and transmit that data back to a main office over an existing wireless local area network.

Increase Visibility to Keep the Floor Productive

Voice over IP (VoIP) capability, optional cellular connectivity and our digital two-way radio systems allow you to stay in contact with personnel on the floor — even in noisy settings. Use email and text messaging to share critical information quickly.

Need a wireless network built to your precise specifications? Or simply need to expand your current one. We’ve got you covered.

Take advantage of mobile voicemail, email and voice communications that work seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) — as well as WMS and ERP applications like purchasing, inventory and dispatch.

In short, a Motorola digital assistant gives you access to the entire enterprise. This helps make you more efficient and gives you the visibility necessary to keep your entire floor productive.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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