The Mobile Warehouse: Cross Docking

Posted October 19, 2009

Cross Docking

Never Lose Visibility of Your Shipment

In theory, cross-docking is simple: materials move from receiving to an outbound container or directly to shipping without making a stop at storage. But in reality, the process can become a logistical and procedural nightmare if every step isn’t carefully orchestrated.

But there is a better way. In a mobile warehouse, cross-docking is quick and efficient. And you never lose visibility of your shipment.

Expedite Materials with Real-time Information

The formula for pain-free cross-docking includes vehicle-mounted and wearable hands-free mobile computers, scanning terminals and printers.

When handling pallets during cross-docking, our vehicle-mounted computers, along with our handheld cordless scanners, allow you to confirm drop zone or trailer load. For case handling, Motorola’s wearable hands-free computing and scanning terminals can help you work faster and more efficiently. You can even print out labels on the spot with a fixed label Zebra printer.

Cross-docking with RFID utilizes fixed readers and antennas, or mobile RFID readers at inbound and outbound doors for automated identification. RFID handheld readers can also be used for pallet- and case-breaking.

All Motorola solutions give you wireless access across the enterprise, including outdoors. Both 802.11 access ports and RFID readers are managed through our wireless switch architecture and management software.

The bottom line: with a Motorola enterprise mobility solution, you can expedite materials through your cross-docking process with real-time information.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

Featured Products

  • VC5090 Vehicle-mounted Mobile Computer
  • LS3578-ER Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • WT4090 Wearable Terminal
  • RS409 Wearable Ring Scanner
  • AN400 RFID Antenna
  • MC9090-G RFID Handheld Mobile Computer
  • AP300 Access Point
  • WS5100 Wireless Switch
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