The Mobile Warehouse: Case Picking

Posted October 19, 2009

Case Picking

Avoid Delivery Delays

Even in the most modern distribution facility, case picking can be an error-prone and inefficient process.

And when picking becomes a drain on productivity, a host of problems can arise —from poor accuracy to delivery delays.

Eliminate Errors

In a mobile warehouse, case pickers are armed with devices that provide real-time control, status and scan verification throughout the process.

Utilizing a wearable mobile computer and scanning terminal with voice capability in conjunction with a vehicle-mounted or wearable printer, case picks can be distributed to the picker in real time and printed right on the floor. This eliminates the need for the picker to move back and forth with paperwork. And, all picks can be scan-verified for accuracy, eliminating the possibility of manual paper record errors.

Benefit from Real-time Control over Processes

Coupled with your Warehouse Management System, Motorola’s enterprise mobility solutions provide real-time access to purchase order and inventory database information.

A Motorola-designed wireless network will meet all your mobility needs, now and well into the future. Our next-generation architecture will protect your mobile investment with an infrastructure that grows along with your needs, without straining your budget.

By mobilizing your picking, printing and verification processes, everyone from pickers to supervisors has real-time control over the entire process, making them more productive and accurate.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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