Star Micronics Helps Automate Credit Unions

Posted November 3, 2009

Star TSP800Overview:
A leading solution integrator for credit unions needed a high-speed, reliable printer to integrate into the company’s innovative solution. The company needed a transaction printer to add to the offering that was fast and flexible.

The Star Choice:
They chose the TSP800 from Star Micronics as the transaction printer. The TSP800 was selected primarily because of its fast print speed, as well as its small footprint, ease of use, flexibility and Star’s strong product support.

The TSP800 was selected after a thorough evaluation of thermal printers from various manufacturers.

The TSP800 provides a number of advantages. First, it has a high speed of 50 lines per second and can print customized logos. Second, it is a flexible printer that easily integrates with a signature pad and scanner, with a small footprint. The TSP800 is very easy to use, with a unique “drop-in and print” paper loading feature. It also provides all the inherent advantages of thermal printers, such as improved printing and paper quality.

“Speed was the number one reason we selected the TSP800 but we were also impressed with other features like, the drop in roll to change thermal paper was easy and printing as a Windows Printer Device was very important to many of our customers.” said Shah.

The TSP800 helps bring the full capability of the software to credit unions, thereby creating a more efficient and accurate method of printing transaction receipts. After posting a transaction, receipts are printed on blank thermal paper if required. Signatures are applied, submitted, and stored as an indexed PDF that can not be edited. The software eliminates preprinted receipts, prints receipts that are easier to read, and provides a level of customization that has been previously unavailable.

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