Free Software Update for Honeywell 3800g Barcode Scanner Improves Damaged Barcode Reading

Posted October 5, 2009

New, improved firmware for the Honeywell 3800g and 3800gHD linear imagers is now available.

The firmware has all the same functionality as previous firmware and delivers additional benefits including improved ability to scan poor quality bar codes.

The prevalence of poor quality bar codes initiated the need for Honeywell to enhance the 3800g decoder by improving performance on poor quality without increasing the incidences of misreads and compromising the integrity of encoded data. Tests performed with the improved decoder show the 3800g is one of the top performers of reads vs no-reads, with virtually no misreads, thereby ensuring the reliability of the bar code symbol data.

Upgrades for scanners manufactured prior to October 5, 2009 can be downloaded for free from the Honeywell Scanning & Mobility website.

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