Cherry Increases its Industrial Line with J84-4300 “WipeKey” Washable Keyboard

Posted September 18, 2009

Cherry J84-4300Cherry’s new J84-4300 “WipeKey” Cleanable keyboard addresses the growing need for cleanable keyboards in industrial, medical and institutional environments.

A study published in “Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology” journal found germs on keyboards in the healthcare environment to be common. Data from the report suggest that keyboards can be successfully decontaminated with disinfectants, and report authors recommend that “Keyboards should be disinfected daily or when visibly soiled or if they become contaminated with blood.”

Cherry’s “WipeKey” keyboard is resistant to moisture because of its rubber membrane design and moisture drain pattern. However, it offers the tactility and speed typing of a typical notebook keyboard.

WipeKey provides 10 million keystroke endurance in a compact, low-profile package of 14.5″ x 5.5″ x 0.75″. Its integrated rubber pointing device is also rated to IP55 for resistance to liquids and dust. The standard version is equipped with USB interface. It is ideal for applications in diagnostic equipment, medical carts, laboratories, factories and schools.

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