Jumbo Chooses Zebra Label Printers to Improve Customer Service

Posted October 19, 2009

Jumbo is the largest toy retailer in Greece and customer service is at the top of its business agenda. Every day, hundreds of customers buy goods from its 35 stores. The company has an excellent reputation for offering the broadest selection of toys in the market at the best prices.

Customer service, reducing costs and improving productivity are key factors in helping Jumbo to drive and expand its business, and to achieve this, Jumbo recently decided to automate its labelling, price control and stock replenishment procedures.

Previously, such procedures were handled by a central PC workstation connected to a thermal printer in each store. Periodical stock replenishment was carried out manually by employees, who checked the shelves and recorded depleted items. This data was entered again manually into the workstation, and the stock replenishment list printed and forwarded to the outlet’s warehouse. Labels advertising prices, promotions and offers were arranged on the workstation, and printed on a thermal printer. When new stock was placed on the shelves, employees had to take the printed labels, go to the respective shelves and place them under the right items.

Introduction of mobile printers
Jumbo was already very familiar with automation, having first installed automated print procedures in 1996. However, to meet its key business objectives, Jumbo identified that it needed a faster and more flexible mobile printing application. The company was forced to seek a new supplier to help it achieve this, and turned to leading manufacturer of on-demand printing solutions, Zebra Technologies. Subsequently, Jumbo upgraded its stock replenishment system with Zebra QL 420 mobile printers.

The Zebra QL 420 is a technologically advanced printer, supporting up-to-date language programming that offers much more flexible label design. These faster and less error-prone printers are currently being rolled out to all of Jumbo’s 35 retail outlets. In addition, the lower operating costs and elimination of printing errors is helping Jumbo to improve its customer service and, customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits
Zebra’s mobile printing system has helped to save employees between 45 and 90 minutes per day, walking to and from the fixed desktop printers. By cutting operating time by between 10 and 20 per cent, extra productivity per mobile printer operator amounts to 80 per cent. The elimination of labelling mistakes has also risen to an impressive 80 per cent. An additional advantage created by the mobile printers, was that extra floor space was released for other purposes. As a result, warehouse management became faster, more accurate and more flexible.

So far, the Zebra mobile printing system has been well received by Jumbo employees, who see immediate benefits to their everyday, routine operations. Almost six months after the installation of the first mobile printer, the system runs flawlessly and Jumbo is capitalizing on its benefits.

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