Efficiency gains that support legal requirements with Zebra’s QL 320 printer.

Posted September 18, 2009

Zebra QL 320The challenge:
Acquire information from existing barcodes
Print labels easily and on demand

The solution:
Combine the opportunities brought by Zebra’s QL 320 mobile printer and Falcon 320 mobile terminal
Add printing options to Falcon 320 software

The results:
Compliance with labeling regulations Savings on staff time Flexible and time efficient label printing

The challenge
AHOLD Czech Republic’s aim was to improve labeling of pre-packaged meat products in their stores. On receipt of these meat products they only had one label indicating weight. Ahold also used to add an extra price label using a weighing machine.

In order to consolidate information on both these labels, Ahold had to change the way of attaching price labels. The only solution was to scan weight information from the original label and print a new price label based on the original weight.

The solution
Ahold decided on a mobile printing solution due its flexibility. Ahold’s local long-term channel partner for bar coding and mobile printing solutions recommended Zebra’s QL 320 mobile printer. Being light and easy to use, Zebra’s QLTM series mobile printers ensured that employees were free to walk to areas where printing was quickest and easiest. Consequently this saved time by eliminating the need to move between stationary printers and pre-packaged meat products.

The implementation
During implementation the Falcon 320 was successfully modified to run “mobile printing” as an extra option. Following a pilot program in selected stores, the project’s new mobile printing systems ensured that packages of meat were now being quickly and accurately labelled. Ahold subsequently decided to roll out the technology into all AHOLD Czech Republic super- and hypermarket stores nationwide.

The results
One of the main benefits of this solution was the ability to meet product labelling legal requirements. Zebra’s mobile printing solutions also incorporated extra capability for staff to scan and print new barcodes on demand. In addition, mobile printing with a mobile terminal gave Ahold the opportunity to reduce costs further, improve time in addition to overall staff efficiency.

Ahold is now working on a project to fully exploit the possibilities of Zebra’s QL 320 mobile printer and the Falcon terminal for price labeling, mark downs and shelf edge labeling across its whole range of goods.

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