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ID Card Printing and Signature Capture Provided to Pay-O-Matic

Posted January 18, 2012

Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printer
Pay-O-Matic is a leading money transmitting company who needed to supply all of their check cashing locations with the necessary hardware to make their business run – and run smoothly. BarcodesInc was chosen to help out and was able to offer them great pricing and exceptional customer service. We supplied Pay-O-Matic with a full ID card printing solution to equip their employees with credentials, which included Zebra ZXP Series 3, Zebra P110i and Fargo DTC550 card printers as well as the blank ID cards and transfer film to run them. On top of that, we hooked them up with Topaz signature capture pads to help them complete their customer transactions. In the near future, BarcodesInc is moving forward with Pay-O-Matic to provide them with inkjet check readers and receipt printers to fulfill their needs and fully complete their solution.

Account Manager: Russell Coppola

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Socket Scanner Compatible with iPad Helps Boston Scientific Educate

Posted January 18, 2012

Socket 7Xi handheld barcode scanner
Boston Scientific, a pioneer in less-invasive medical devices, services and therapies, was developing an application for the Apple iPad and needed a barcode scanner that was compatible with the latest Operating System, IOS 5.0 in order to complete it. BarcodesInc recommended and provided a demo unit of the Socket 7Xi series handheld scanner for testing. The scanner proved compatible and was quickly accepted for their solution. Now their app is complete and can be found in the iTunes Store, helping healthcare providers educate their patients on the spot, everywhere.

Account Manager: Kevin Hayman

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Field Mobility with the Motorola ES400

Posted December 29, 2011

Motorola ES400 mobile computer
Refinish Solutions is the premier PPG automotive refinishing distributor, serving central Virginia and the DC metro area. Their internal software could allow them to go completely paperless when working with accounts in the field, so they needed a little help to make that happen. They required a signature capture solution to be used by accounts receivable for Direct Store Delivery (DSD), as well as a mobile computing option for order entry by their mobile sales force. BarcodesInc made it easy and set them up with Motorola ES400 mobile computers to cover all their needs in a single, mobile device.

Sales Engineer: Mark Schweikle

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Slabb Completes their Kiosks with Printers, Scanners and Card Readers from BarcodesInc

Posted December 29, 2011
Star TSP743 printer MagTek SureSwipe card reader Honeywell MK3480 scanner

Slabb, a kiosk manufacturer with locations in the Netherlands and Las Vegas, came to BarcodesInc looking for high-quality, low-cost components to implement into their top tier kiosks for high profile clients around the world. After a trial period with our recommendations, BarcodesInc now provides them with the Star printers, Honeywell scanners and MagTek MSR readers to complete their kiosks, with a rollout of over 300 units of each component so far and larger orders on the horizon.

Senior Sales Engineer: Greg Hamilton

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Wireless Carrier in Need of Some Asset Management

Posted December 15, 2011

Motorola DS3508 barcode scanner
One of the largest wireless carriers in America required a revamp of all of their cellular towers and needed to begin scanning 2D barcodes in order to track all the equipment in each tower. The company’s main concern was to be able to parse the equipments’ serial numbers, which were encoded in different barcode formats by three different manufacturers. BarcodesInc provided them with over 400 Motorola DS3508 barcode scanners, custom configured for their application and ready to use out of the box. The company was so happy with their new solution, they have shown interest in two future orders of comparable magnitude.

Senior Sales Engineer: Alyce Miller

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Lights, Camera, Asset Tracking!

Posted December 15, 2011

Motorola DS3508 barcode scanner
Red Digital Cinema rents out film equipment and was in need of a way to track their cameras and manage the related data within an Excel spreadsheet. Data Matrix barcodes were printed on each camera, so a good 2D barcode scanner was necessary. BarcodesInc hooked them up with Motorola DS6707 scanners which made it quick and easy to scan the information into their spreadsheet, complete with a date and time stamp of when the units were checked out and where they were going.

Sales Engineer: Gary Seiko

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ID Cards Make Dreams Come True for Children in Las Vegas

Posted December 8, 2011


ID Card Printing

ID card software and printing to accommodate and track a growing roster of volunteers

Product Solution:
Fargo Persona C30 Card Printer, associated software and accessories

Solution Provider:
Greg Hamilton

Young people in Las Vegas were given a gift when the Dream Center began its ID card program seven months ago. They were given a sense of belonging.

The Dream Center is an outreach-driven church affiliated with the International Church of Las Vegas, dedicated to helping inner city families. “Our ministry provides hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs,” said David Hammonds Jr., Assistant Pastor responsible for oversight of children’s programs and outreach efforts. “We provide food, clothing, life rehabilitation, education, Biblical training and much more through our numerous ministries and outreach programs. We reach hundreds of hurting and needy children and adults across all races and cultures every week.”

In addition to regular Sunday services, the Dream Center provides multiple community programs, including a Thursday night dinner that feeds up to 300 homeless individuals. Located on the west side of the city, in an area most people choose to drive by, the Dream Center also ministers to about 300 at-risk children and teens through its Adopt-a-Block program. Children enrolled in the program receive a personal visit from a staff member at their home every week and are invited back to the Dream Center for Tuesday night programs.

“It takes a lot of work to stay connected to the kids and their families,” said Hammonds. When the Adopt-a-Block program began, there were approximately 20 participants, and administrators used a printed roster to take attendance. As new children joined the program, Dream Center administrators gathered information on the individuals. It wasn’t long before program acceptance exploded, and the number of participants went from 20 to 300, making the paper roster time-consuming and inefficient. “The issue for us was to get an accurate attendance for each service,” said Hammonds. “All of our students are bused to the building at much the same time. By the time we got to 300 kids, it was hard to keep track of everyone.”
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Bluetooth Scanners Help with those Hard to Reach Items

Posted December 1, 2011

Motorola LS3578-ER barcode scanners
Eastman Gelatine, a division of Kodak, needed help scanning inventory on the top shelf of a new addition to their warehouse. They wanted a long range scanner that could wirelessly connect to their mobile computers, giving their workers more freedom and mobility. BarcodesInc recommended Motorola LS3578-ER scanners with Bluetooth connectivity. Eastman Gelatine decided to go with the scanners and forklift cradle kits on a trial basis, with intent to roll it out to their entire warehouse and complete their solution.

Sales Associate: Andrew Hall

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Vehicle Mounted Warehouse Management

Posted November 22, 2011

LXE 8650 Ring ScannersLXE Thor Vehicle Mount Terminals
Visual Comfort, a designer lighting manufacturer, was moving their inventory to a larger warehouse and needed a better solution for tracking their assets. BarcodesInc combined LXE Thor vehicle mounted computers with LXE Bluetooth ring scanners for the first phase of their roll-out. They began using this combination to maintain a live inventory of lamp and lighting parts that are shipped out to assembly plants as well as consumers looking for spare parts. The wireless mobility of this new solution greatly improved the efficiency of their tracking methods as well as eliminated past manual errors.

Account Manager: Gabe Yocum

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Streamlining Field Service

Posted November 22, 2011

Topaz Signature Lite 1x5Citizen CMP-10 portable printers
Southeastern Cable needed an on-premise invoicing and receipt solution for its cable installers. They were tired of the handwritten work orders and receipts they were dealing with and wanted to keep track of their jobs digitally. BarcodesInc was chosen to create a solution to make that happen. We paired Topaz signature capture pads and software with Citizen portable printers to overhaul and streamline their system. Now, a signature is captured on-location when a job is completed and it is recorded via software. A receipt is then printed and given to the customer for their records. This solution will help Southeastern Cable accurately track work orders and keep digital records while saving time and eliminating errors from their old manual process.

Sales Engineer: Mark Schweikle

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