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“Electronic Instant Camera” Project Prints Photos via Receipt Printer

Posted July 7, 2011

Niklas Roy, possibly best known for his robotic curtain, has created a new project that combines an analog black and white video camera with a thermal receipt printer. Combined the two form a sort of Frankenstein Polaroid camera which he calls Electronic Instant Camera. The camera prints the photo directly to the receipt paper as the photo is being taken. The process can take up to three minutes, during which the photo subject needs to sit still the whole time.

Definitely not practical, but interesting.

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Play a Racing Game on Your Receipt Printer

Posted June 20, 2011

Receipt racer combines input and output devices in an unusual way to make a complete game. It was made during the “Let’s feed the future workshop”, organized by as a part of the 2011 OFFF Festival in Barcelona.

The game is played on a thermal receipt printer using rolls of thermal receipt paper up to 50 yards long. According to the author, “Ecologically it’s pretty much a disaster, just like any real car.”

As a company that sells receipt paper and receipt printers, we hope this game becomes the most popular thing since Angry Birds. :-)

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Persistent Topology of Data and Barcodes

Posted March 16, 2011

Klein barcodeCan barcodes represent the algebraic characterization, persistent homology?

University of Pennsylvania Professor Robert Ghrist thinks they might. He has posted a PDF pre-print of a paper titled Barcodes: The Persistent Topology of Data.

This article surveys recent work of Carlsson and collaborators on applications of computational algebraic topology to problems of feature detection and shape recognition in high-dimensional data. The primary mathematical tool considered is a homology theory for point-cloud data sets — persistent homology — and a novel representation of this algebraic characterization
— barcodes. We sketch an application of these techniques to the classification of natural images.

5 internet points to anyone who understands the paper.

Backup: Barcodes: The Persistent Topology of Data

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Barcode Scanner Assisted Star Wars Art

Posted January 17, 2011

Darth Vader wields a menacing Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner beam as his light saber.


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Star TSP700ii Receipt Printer Speed Duel Animated Video

Posted June 8, 2010

Have you ever wanted to see animated receipt printers duel featuring the Star TSP700ii and set to the tune of The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels? Have I got just the thing for you.

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Zebra Barcode Scanner Comic

Posted May 7, 2010

Zebra bar code scanner comic

Anyone recognize that model of bar-code scanner?


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Build Your Own Portable Barcode Scanner in 10 Easy(?) Steps

Posted February 10, 2010

Portable CueCatIf you have a strong DIY streak, checkout these instructions for how to make a CueCat portable with an Arduino, SD card and a few other parts.

For the rest of you, check out our selection of portable barcode scanners

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Mmmmm Barcodes: European Barcode/Big Mac ad

Posted December 14, 2009

Here’s a European print ad for McDonald’s Big Mac that features a barcode:

BigMac Only 3.29€

Barcode Big Mac

Advertising Agency: Heye Group, Germany
Creative Director: Thomas Winklbauer
Copywriter: Christine Deinhart
Art Director: Joerg Stoeckigt

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Google Helps Make the Physical World Searchable With Barcodes

Posted December 8, 2009

Google Favorite PlaceAs part of a Favorite Places initiative Google has sent out 100,000 QR code window decals to popular restaurants, stores and attractions throughout the United States.

If you scan the barcode using barcode scanner software for your mobile phone, you will be take to a page containing more information about the location.

Could this be what it takes to get QR Codes to catch on in the US the same way they have in Japan?

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Price Check on the Bridge: Barcode Scanners Hidden in the new Star Trek

Posted November 12, 2009

Barcode scanners from BarcodesInc feature prominently in the USS Enterprise bridge in the latest Star Trek movie

If you pick up a copy of Star Trek on DVD next Tuesday be sure to hit pause a few times during scenes set in the bridge. Chances are, you will see one of 8 barcode scanners purchased by Paramount Pictures from BarcodesInc in the background.

Star Trek barcode scanners

If you don’t have the DVD, you can also find the scanners in many of the trailers and tv spots . The official Star Trek website contains a nice panorama of the Enterprise bridge where you can see all of the barcode scanners.

Here’s what you’re looking for:

Symbol M2004 Cyclone barcode scanner
Symbol M2004 Cyclone

Front and center of the bridge, above the controls, immediately below the viewscreen. These definitely get the most screen time.

Metrologic MS5440 Voyager barcode scanner
Metrologic MS9540 Voyager

2 on each table to the left and right of the captain’s chair.

Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120 barcode scanner
Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120

2 at the corners of each table immediately to the left and right of the view screen.

Whether you need barcode scanners for the point of sale, inventory management, asset tracking, or to adorn the set of your 23rd century science-fiction action blockbuster, be sure to contact BarcodesInc!

More barcode scanner shots from Star Trek

A nice shot that includes each type of scanner

The scanners might be upstaging Kirk here

Good view of the Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120 face (far right)

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