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NEC Digital Signage Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. They specialize in desktop and large-screen LCD displays, and a diverse line of projectors for customers who demand the most high-quality, reliable display solutions to meet their needs.


NEC Parts

Products and parts from NEC.

$4.50 to $83,999.00

NEC E-Series Digital Signage Display

NEC E-Series

The NEC E-Series goes above and beyond what you"ve come to know as a traditional display design. With an LED edge-lit backlighting source that contributes to a reduced depth and lighter weight, these displays are mere slivers of the previous...

NEC P-Series

NEC P-Series

Meeting the requirements for rugged 24/7 use, the NEC P Series professional-grade LCD displays deliver a perfect picture. Every time. What's more, this new generation of display supplies faster internal processing speeds, is lighter and thinner than...

NEC V-Series Digital Signage Display

NEC V-Series

NECs V-Series high-performance large-screen display utilizes LED backlighting to deliver both environmental and functional benefits for digital signage. The V323-2's commercial-grade panel is capable of displaying brilliant imagery and capturing the...

$1,145.70 to $12,999.00

NEC X-Series Digital Signage Display

NEC X-Series

Transform your video walls with the immaculate high definition of the X-Series. Direct LED backlighting reduces power consumption and improves edge-to-edge brightness uniformity. Mere millimeters separate content from display to display which...


NEC PA-Series POS Monitor

NEC PA-Series

The ultimate in reliable, accurate color. The PA-Series is the benchmark desktop display for color accurate work, from photography to pre-press to video production. Featuring a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) IGZO technology IPS-type panel with wide...

NEC 4K UHD Series Digital Signage Display

NEC 4K UHD Series

The X551UHD display sets new standards in image size and quality by providing a 65 inch canvas with Ultra High Definition (UHD) guaranteed to capture undivided attention of viewers. Loaded with innovative features and high end components, this model...

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