MultiTech MultiAccess ACS Server

The MultiTech MultiAccess ACS Server has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Flash memory on modems and server for easy updates

MultiAccess ACS Server from MultiTech features an analog communication server offering connectivity to the corporate LAN for telecommuters and mobile users, or to remotely installed equipment, via one integrated V.92/56K modem. Its web interface provides for easy set-up and configuration. It offers client authentication either through RADIUS or local database. As a whole, the model features an inexpensive, full-featured, turnkey remote access solution that provides seamless interoperability with any TCP/IP network.
MultiAccess ACS Server Options
MultiTech MultiAccess ACS Server (MA100-1M)
(1-Port Analog Communication Server, 1-Modem Turnkey RAS)