MultiTech Adapter

The MultiTech Adapter has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Class 1 Bluetooth V1.2 compliant module with a maximum range of 100 meters

Adapter from MultiTech enables communication between an installed host serial device and a peripheral wireless device. The serial side of the device provides transparent serial data-to-Internet protocol conversion, eliminating the need for any hardware modifications. The embedded Bluetooth wireless technology provides a secure, standards-based wireless connection between the host and the peripheral device. It is capable of providing a wireless data transfer up to 100 meters, completely eliminating the need for a serial cable connection.
Adapter Options
MultiTech (MTS2EA-R)
Adapter (Serial to Ethernet, +IP RS-232 Power - Global)
MultiTech (MTS2EA)
Adapter (Serial to Ethernet, +IP External Power - Global)
MultiTech Adapter (MTS2BTA)
Serial-to-Bluetooth Adapter (with US Power supply)
MultiTech Adapter (MA30EXP)
24-30 Port Expansion Module (for the MA30120 Global)
Samsung Adapter (GV-EMEZUSB)
(for Removable HD to a Regular PC USB Port)