Microscan VS-310 Accessories

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VS-310 Accessories
Microscan (61-300026-03)
Cable, Communication, DB-25 Plug to DB-9 Socket, 6 ft
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Microscan (FIS-0001-0017)
Keyboard wedge Kit (Includes Wedge & Scanner to Wedge cable, Must order Wedge to PC cable)
Microscan (99-440001-03)
Package detector for Y-cable
Microscan (99-420001-01)
IB-105 Interface box RS-232/422/485
Microscan (98-200021-01)
9-pin connector kit (one included with scanner)
Microscan (98-200019-01)
Standard flat mounting plate kit
Microscan (98-200015-01)
Right angle mirror kit
Microscan (98-000019-01)
Mounting Stand Kit, MS-911, 6"
Microscan (97-100004-02)
AC adapter, EURO (220 VAC/+5/+-12 VDC) for Y-cable
Microscan (97-100004-01)
AC adapter, USA (110 VAC/+5/+-12 VDC) for Y-cable
Microscan (97-100002-02)
AC adapter EURO (220 VAC /+5 VDC)
Microscan (97-100002-01)
AC adapter USA (120 VAC/+5 VDC)
Microscan VS-310 Accessories (83-000300)
User Manual Hard Copy
Microscan (61-300026-01)
Comm. Cable DB-25 male to DB-9 female, 6 ft.
Microscan (61-300018-01)
Y-cable with host, Power, and trigger connections, 6-ft

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