Microscan Quadrus Accessories

Cables, Power Supplies, Mounting accessories, Software, and Manuals
Quadrus Accessories
Microscan (99-440002-01)
Package detector
Microscan (98-200025-03)
Connector kit (one included with each scanner)
Microscan (98-200020-01)
90 degree adapter plate kit (for universal stand)
Microscan (98-200018-01)
Adapter plate kit (for universal stand)
Microscan (98-000019-01)
Mounting Stand Kit, MS-911, 6"
Microscan (97-100004-08)
AC adapter, EURO (220 VAC)
Microscan (97-100004-07)
AC adapter, USA (110 VAC)
Microscan (83-006500)
User manual hard copy
Microscan (61-300020-01)
Cable, Communication, DB-25 socket to DB-9 socket, 6 ft. (Use with 61-300018-01 cable)
Microscan MS-Connect 210 Accessories (37-000001-01)
TOOLS CD, User's Manuals, ESP Software
Microscan (12-300015-10)
3-inch, universal joint (use with all universal stands)