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Microscan NER-011302001 IR Illuminator

Microscan - SCDI-75, R LED-D, 24V-S, 4.5M (15 ft.) Cable with Flying Leads
Differentiate specular, diffuse, or absorptive features on bumpy/wrinkled surfaces.

SCDI (Square Continuous Diffuse Illuminators) provides enhanced diffuse lighting performance. The patented design of the SCDI makes it ideal for moderately faceted and undulating reflective surfaces. These machine vision lights allow products to be inspected in the package and prevents non-uniform light reflections from causing a vision system to see defects where none exist.

Brand Microscan
Model SCDI

The Microscan NER-011302001 is also known as Microscan Systems NER-011302001 or NER011302001 .