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Microscan FIS-0820-0002G Fixed Barcode Scanner

Microscan MS-820 - Barcode Reader, Single Line, High Density
With its performance, versatility, and robustness, the MS-820 has universal appeal to any industry planning to automate or improve barcode tracking.

The MS-820 is designed to read small barcodes at extended distances. The MS-820 effectively reads high density symbols (7.5 mil) from 10 to 12 inches (25.4 to 30.4 cm). The scanner's maximum read range is 30 inches (76.2 cm), which easily surpasses standard clearance zones. The MS-820 is also fast, reading from 350 to 1100 scans and decodes per second which is ideal for applications using conveyors, assembly lines or embedding with machinery.

Full specifications (PDF)

Recommended Accessories for Model: Microscan MS-820 Scanner
Microscan (98-500006-01)
Kit, Mounting plate, MS-710, MS-820, QX-830, QX-870
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Microscan (98-200026-02)
Kit, Right Angle Mirror, MS-820 / QX-830
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Microscan (61-300026-03)
Cable, Communication, DB-25 Plug to DB-9 Socket, 6 ft
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Microscan (20-610024-01)
Trigger Connector, 4-Pin Plug (screw terminal and field wireable) (self wiring)
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Microscan (20-610020-01)
Pwr Conn, 3pin Sckt (screw term and field wireable for custom wiring into IB-131)
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The Microscan FIS-0820-0002G is also known as Microscan Systems FIS-0820-0002G or FIS08200002G .