Metrologic MS9535 Voyager BT Accessories

Additional power supplies, cables and hands-free stands.
MS9535 Voyager BT Accessories
Metrologic (46-46870)
Spare Battery, RPL Lithium-Ion, For the 9535BT (Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable, Please call use with any questions).
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Metrologic (46-46772B)
Charger-Cradle for the MS9535 VoyagerBT - Color: Gray
Metrologic (45-45593)
110V (US) Power supply (not compatible with MK6720 - use (Part# 46-46010)
Metrologic (MI9535-547-3)
Bluetooth Charger-Cradle (Keyboard wedge, Black)
Metrologic (MI9535-547)
Bluetooth Charger-Cradle (Keyboard wedge) - Color: Gray
Metrologic (MI9535-540-3)
Bluetooth Charger-Cradle (USB, Full Speed, Black)
Metrologic (MI9535-540)
Bluetooth Charge Cradle (USB, Full Speed) - Color: Gray
Metrologic (MI9535-538-3)
MS9535 charge and communication cradle, Color: Black. Cradle does not include USB cable 52-52828A-3 cable OR power supply 46-46878. See accessories.
Metrologic (MI9535-538)
Gray charge and communications cradle for MS9535. Requires cable and power supply (part #PS-05-3000W-A-1).
Metrologic (MI9535-514-3)
Bluetooth Charger-Cradle, RS-232 Serial Interface, Color: Black
Metrologic (MI9535-514)
Bluetooth Charger-Cradle (RS-232 Serial Interface, Gray) for the MS9535.
Metrologic (70-73524B)
Wrist Strap for the MS9535 VoyagerBT and SP2500 Navigator
Metrologic (70-73524)
Wrist Strap
Metrologic (54-54200B-N)
USB cable for the MS9535 Non-Powerlink
Metrologic (54-54002B-N-3)
Keyboard wedge cable for the MS9535, MS7120 and Voyager series. No power jack. Color: Black

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