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Meru EZRF-LM-500

Meru E (z) RF Location Manager - E (z) RF Location Manager Appliance service to track 500 devices. Requires (Part# SA1000) appliance.

Meru's virtualized Wireless LAN technology makes location tracking more accurate by enabling adjacent access points to operate on the same channel. Each client's signal can usually be picked up by more than one access point, enabling more precise triangulation. For further accuracy, Meru E(z)RF Location Manager uses RF Fingerprinting, a technology that compares the received signal strength to a pre-defined radio "map" of a building. Because signals are attenuated when passing through objects such as walls and windows, measuring signal strength can locate a device to individual rooms or cubicles. Locationing data is accurate to within 5 meters, with improved accuracy in dense environments.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Meru EZRF-LM-500 is also known as EZRF-LM-500 or EZRFLM500 .