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MagTek Card Reader & Check Reader

MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, checks, PINs and identification documents. Leading with innovation and engineering excellence, MagTek is known for quality and dependability. Its products include secure card reader/authenticators, token generators, EMV contact, contactless and NFC reading devices, encrypting check scanners, PIN pads and distributed credential personalization systems for secure magstripe and EMV enabled cards. These products are used worldwide by financial institutions, retailers, and processors to provide secure and efficient payment and identification transactions.

MagTek Product Categories

MagTek Credit Card Reader MagTek Credit Card Reader
MagTek MICR Check Reader MagTek MICR Check Reader

All MagTek Products

MagTek QwickPAY

MagTek QwickPAY

MagTek QwickPAY is a complete POS payment solution that delivers unmatched convenience without sacrificing security. Available for Apple iPhone, Android, and PC, QwickPAY provides the ability to easily accept credit and signature debit sales...


MagTek Mini-MICR Check-Stripe Reader Check Reader

MagTek Mini-MICR Check-Stripe Reader

The MagTek Mini-MICR Check-Stripe Reader reads checks in various formats, read magnetic stripes in various track combinations, come with either a Keyboard wedge (PS/2 or AT) or RS-232 interface, and are available in either white or gray...

$264.50 to $308.50

MagTek SureSwipe Card Reader

MagTek SureSwipe

The MagTek SureSwipe features a magnetic read head on either side, saving card flipping and checkout time. The SureSwipe is available with a USB interface in either HID or a Keyboard Emulation mode and it can be reconfigured in the field. The...

$62.30 to $105.10

MagTek iDynamo Card Reader

MagTek iDynamo

MagTek has done it again with the iDynamo, a secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) designed to work with the Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad. The iDynamo offers MagneSafe security and delivers open standards encryption...

$85.50 to $120.00

MagTek BulleT Card Reader

MagTek BulleT

Security anywhere. With the MagTek BulleT Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), security comes with the flexibility and portability of a Bluetooth wireless interface. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the BulleT enables secure...


MagTek IPAD Payment Terminal


The MagTek IPAD is a multi functional handheld POS terminal with keypad input, graphics display output on a 128x64 pixel screen, and magnetic card stripe reading with the included Magnesafe SCRA peripheral. The product is built around a secure, low...


MagTek MiniWedge Stripe Reader Card Reader

MagTek MiniWedge Stripe Reader

The MiniWedge Stripe Reader reads information from tracks 1, 2, and/or 3, comes with a Keyboard wedge interface (PS/2 or AT), and is available in black or white finish.

Keyboard Emulation Software Interface: Data is sent as if it were a USB...

$82.80 to $85.00

MagTek Stripe Reader Card Reader

MagTek Stripe Reader

The MagTek Stripe Reader reads information from tracks 1, 2, and/or 3, come with either a Keyboard wedge (PS/2 or AT) or RS-232 interface, and most models are available in either black or white finish.

Keyboard Emulation Software Interface: Data...

$72.70 to $175.00

MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader Card Reader

MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader

The MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader works with existing software application developed for keyboard interface. Powered by USB bus-no external power supply required. Hardware compatible with any computer or terminal with an USB interface. Dual and three...

$61.80 to $111.10

MagTek MICRSafe Check Reader

MagTek MICRSafe

Optimized to reduce transaction time and manual entry errors, the MICRSafe is a single-feed MICR reader with a reliable and durable design. Ideal for retail applications where fast and accurate MICR reading is required, the MICRSafe offers a range...

$224.20 to $255.20

MagTek Mini-MICR Check Reader Check Reader

MagTek Mini-MICR Check Reader

The MagTek Mini-MICR Check Reader reads checks in various formats, come with either a Keyboard wedge (PS/2 or AT) or RS-232 interface, and are available in either white or gray finish.

$237.30 to $280.80

MagTek Dynamag Card Reader

MagTek Dynamag

For customers that want both security and ease of use, the MagTek Dynamag Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe secured and offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features for the peace of mind you can...

$48.70 to $104.10

MagTek Excella Check Reader

MagTek Excella

The Magtek Excella captures both front and back images of a check in a single pass, making check processing and endorsement printing fast and simple. Choose the Excella for its large automated scanning capacity - up to 70 checks - and its 200 dpi...


MagTek Excella STX Check Reader

MagTek Excella STX

The Magtek Excella STX captures check images and ID card images in a single pass, making check processing and endorsement printing fast and simple. Choose the Excella STX for its customized endorsement printing and franking and its 200 dpi print...

$634.50 to $930.40

MagTek ImageSafe Check Reader

MagTek ImageSafe

The multi-purpose MagTek ImageSafe is a compact check reader and double-sided scanner that offers a cost-effective alternative to implement PC-based electronic check applications. Ideal for use with Check 21, BOC, and remote deposit capture...


MagTek uDynamo Card Reader

MagTek uDynamo

MagTek's uDynamo provides universal connection options for its users. The uDynamo secure card reader authenticator connects to a wide variety of devices through its retractable headphone jack. It also provides a USB interface for connection with...

$95.00 to $120.00

MagTek DynaPro Payment Terminal

MagTek DynaPro

The DynaPro is a secure PIN-entry device. It protects the cardholder data whether it is read using the MagneSafe Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), contact or contactless smart card reader. It is the most comprehensive, end-to-end security...

$395.00 to $617.60

MagTek DynaMAX Card Reader

MagTek DynaMAX

DynaMAX gives users the flexibility needed in point of sale and point of service environments. Whether used by a bank, hotel, retail merchant, food truck, or theatre, DynaMAX's ability to work with USB wired or wireless connections delivers one...


MagTek eDynamo Card Reader

MagTek eDynamo

eDynamo, MagTek's newest secure card reader authenticator, gives users the flexibility needed to securely accept a variety of payment card technologies. Whether accepting a traditional magnetic stripe card or a contact EMV card, eDynamo gives...


MagTek cDynamo

MagTek cDynamo

cDynamo makes mobile payments and card reading easier than ever. It delivers a form fitted enclosure case with integrated secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) for iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air to keep them safe,...

$192.40 to $242.50

MagTek DynaPAD

MagTek DynaPAD

For merchants and call centers that want durability, security and flexibility for card present and card not present transactions, the DynaPAD Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe™ secured and offers a reliable, long swipe path with...

$95.00 to $126.90

MagTek DynaPro Mini

MagTek DynaPro Mini

MagTek"s DynaPro Mini is a handheld device that combines a secure PCI PTS 3.x, SRED compliant PIN Entry Device with a MagneSafe secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) and a Smart Card reader. This versatile secure cryptographic device (SCD) is...

$286.50 to $390.00

MagTek kDynamo

MagTek kDynamo

With the kDynamo credit card reader you can accept magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless NFC payment transactions in one iOS card reader. The kDynamo works with iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro...


MagTek tDynamo

MagTek tDynamo

Point-of-service and point-of-sale needs to be fast, reliable and secure. MagTek's tDynamo delivers on all three and meets the growing demand from your customers to use the latest in technology in the easiest-to-use form factor. The tDynamo reader...


MagTek DynaPro Go

MagTek DynaPro Go

MagTek's DynaPro Go is a handheld PIN entry device that is ideal for credit, prepaid, gift, and debit cards for mobile point of sale applications where you need unmatched convenience and security. Reduce your interchange rates, reduce chargebacks,...


MagTek Stripe Reader Accessories

MagTek Parts

Products and parts from MagTek.

$10.90 to $868.10

MagTek Cables

Cables for MagTek products

MagTek Javelin - Discontinued.

MagTek MagneSafe BT90 - Discontinued.

MagTek MagneSafe m20 - Discontinued.

MagTek Dynamo - Discontinued.

MagTek Flash - Discontinued.

MagTek IPAD SC - Discontinued.

MagTek MagneSafe P55 - Discontinued.

MagTek Centurion - Discontinued. Replaced by the MagTek Dynamag

MagTek MICRImage Check Reader - Discontinued.

MagTek MICR Plus Check Reader - Discontinued.

MagTek Excella MDX - Discontinued.

MagTek MagneSafe Mini - Discontinued.