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LXE MX7L5B1B1F0US4D Mobile Handheld Computer

LXE Tecton CS - Wireless Cold-Storage Handheld Computer (Base Laser, 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, 256/256, Windows CE6.0, WLINK TE+3 year). Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately. Single slot charging cradle (Part# MX7003DSKCRDL) and communication cable (Part# MX7052cable). Quad slot charging cradle (Part# MX7390CHARGER).
Specialized low-temp batteries provide long life in cold environments

The LXE Tecton CS makes working a shift in a cold environment more productive with a handheld purpose-built to get more done in the cold. Designed with key features including low-temperature batteries and specialized heaters, the Tecton CS unit adapts easily from the freezing temperatures of your cold-storage facility to warmer staging and dock areas - even in the hot summer months. Smooth, condensation-free transition will allow your operators to increase productivity. Operators will also appreciate the all-around functionality of the Tecton CS computer, its light-weight design offers all-day comfort, while the backlit keys and brilliant display aid visibility in dark freezers.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand LXE
Model Tecton CS
Style Cold Storage, Full-size
Recommended Accessories for Model: LXE Tecton CS Mobile Handheld Computer
Stylus (10-Pack, Replacement Stylus) for the MX7
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Carry Case (with Handle - Includes Shoulder Strap) for the MX7
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Carry Case (Includes Shoulder Strap) for the MX7 with No Handle
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Holster for MX7 with handle
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Headset Coiled Adapter Cable (Headset is Still Required) for the MX7
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The LXE MX7L5B1B1F0US4D is also known as LXE-MX7L5B1B1F0US4D .