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LXE Tecton Mobile Handheld Computer

LXE Tecton

With natural handgrip ergonomics and a sleek design for an industrial tool, the LXE Tecton delivers its enhanced performance across a wide array of supply chain tasks. The successor to LXE's highly successful MX7, the Tecton features multi-range...

LXE Tecton CS Mobile Handheld Computer

LXE Tecton CS

The LXE Tecton CS makes working a shift in a cold environment more productive with a handheld purpose-built to get more done in the cold. Designed with key features including low-temperature batteries and specialized heaters, the Tecton CS unit...

LXE MX9CS Mobile Handheld Computer


The LXE MX9CS ultra rugged handheld computer adds cold-storage capabilities to the MX9, making it perfect for use in ports and intermodal applications, outdoor logistics operations, and any harsh environment where reliable data collection is needed....

LXE MX9HL Mobile Handheld Computer


The LXE MX9HL ships with a PXA 320 processor and industry leading Windows CE 5.0 Professional. Options include WWAN with GPS receivers, choice of backlit keyboards, built-in heaters and more. Data collection in any environment is no challenge for...

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