LXE 8900 Scanner

Ideal for those who need extended range when scanning a barcode

The LXE 8900 can be tethered to any LXE vehicle mount terminal and is excellent with both near and far barcode scanning. The 8900 features three green light feedback which informs the user of a good read on the top cap of the unit with a green light, as well as directly on the barcode the user is scanning with a green dot. In addition to the 3 green light technology, the 8900 series has a more ergonomic styling to increase comfort over prolonged use. With these features the 8900 series is the perfect scanner for the warehouse.
8900 Options
LXE 8900 (8900333SCANNER)
Scanner Only - Cables and accessories must be purchased separately. These include USB (Part# 8900052SCANNER), PS/2 (Part# 8900053SCANNER), or RS-232 Serial cables (Part# 8900054SCANNER).
LXE 8900 (8900332SCANNER)
PD8330AR scanner with USB cable.
LXE 8900 (8900331SCANNER)
PD8330AR scanner with PS/2 cable.
LXE 8900 (8900326SCANNER)
PD8330AR scanner with D9 CLD cable.
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