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Logic Controls LS3000-PCD POS Touch Terminal

Logic Controls LS3000 - I/O Station (Logic Station, Communicates with LM3000 Drives Peripheral Devices - Comes with Power Brick and LogicNet Power cord)
Reliable and rugged and configurable for zero single-point-of-failure

The LS3000 I/O units, when used with a Logic Net LM3000 control module, can replace costly PC workstations, network hubs and network software. To add more stations, simply increase the number of LS3000 modules. No special interface cards or additional hardware is required for the LS3000 module to communicate with peripheral devices. The LS3000 I/O unit was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of an industrial network. There are no disk drives, fans or mechanical parts that can easily fail. The enclosure is a heavy-duty zinc die cast case for extra ruggedness. Every module uses snap-to-lock connectors for secure connections. The LS3000 communicates with other workstations and the LM3000 control module using network communications protocols and topologies with proven reliability. It features high common-mode noise rejection network wiring. The poll/select protocol functionality avoids data collision, and the cyclic redundant checks virtually eliminate all communication errors. A zero single-point-of-failure configuration is also supported. LS3000 connections provide for a redundant data path to prevent network interruption due to a line breakage. The LS3000 has low power consumption that results in low internal temperature rise for higher mean time between failure. In addition, the units are tamper proof, with no on/off or selection switches and no adjustable devices. The LS3000 has a very compact form factor - only 1.0"h x 6.3"w x 5.1"d. Two mounting brackets enable these modules to be mounted almost anywhere - on a wall, ceiling, table top or under a counter. This enables it to be used in a wide variety of applications, despite severe space constraints.

Full specifications (PDF)

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The Logic Controls LS3000-PCD is also known as LogicControls LS3000-PCD or LS3000PCD .