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Logic Controls LK1800M3TR-BG Keyboard

Logic Controls LK1800 - 132 key COMPACT KYBD & 3 TRACK MSR - PS/2 INT., FULLY PROGRAMMABLE - Beige
Keylock switch for layer selection

The Logic-Controls LK1800 is a programmable alphanumeric keyboard with a full compliment of 61 function and numeric keys and an optional magnetic stripe reader. Furthermore, the unit also has a PS/2 I/O port to enable the daisy-chaining of other input devices such as a scanner or check reader. LK1800 programmable keyboard is thus an ideal solution for the retail, hospitality, travel, banking, and insurance industries

Full specifications (PDF)


The Logic Controls LK1800M3TR-BG is also known as LogicControls LK1800M3TR-BG or LK1800M3TRBG .