Logic Controls LogicPOS POS System

The Logic Controls LogicPOS has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A robust Point of Sale solution

The Logic-Controls LogicPOS is a total POS hardware solution comprised of market leading components. With all key components manufactured by Logic-Controls, the system offers top reliability and functionality in a harmonious stylish design. Single source peripherals also mean maximum interface compatibility with unparalleled single point of hardware service and support. Best of all, the Logic-Controls LogicPOS solutions are offered at prices that make them affordable for even small retailers.

The Logic Controls LogicPOS is also known as the LogicControls LogicPOS

LogicPOS Options
Logic Controls LogicPOS (LC86BL-F103X-0)
POS SYSTEM, ALL-IN-ONE, LC8600 (1GB RAM, 160 GB HD, XP PRO OS), CR1600 CASH DRAWER, LK1600MU, LE1000, LD9000-GY, LR3000R PRINTER (Recommended scanner: Metrologic (Part# MS9540-32A38)
POS Checklist: Getting Started
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