Logic Controls LC6000 Series POS Terminal

The Logic Controls LC6000 Series has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Intel-Compatible and Versatile

The Logic-Controls LC6000 Series is Intel-compatible, so it can run many Windows and Linux-based applications. This enables the unit to be used in a wide variety of applications - in a restaurant's kitchen system, in an auto ID workstation, etc. The LC6000 Series provides a compliment of up-to-date I/O ports - Ethernet, USB, serial, PS/2 keyboard/mouse and SVGA. The Ethernet port allows full access to internet, file transfer, and system networking. The USB port enables the LC6000 Series to drive a multitude of peripheral devices and install a wide range of application software.

The Logic Controls LC6000 Series is also known as the LogicControls LC6000 Series

LC6000 Series Options
Logic Controls LC6000 Series (LC6000-64-512DOS)
LC6000 Industrial Computer (512MB and DOS)
Logic Controls LC6000 Series (LC6000-64-256-WINCE)
Industrial Computer, 256MB and Windows CE