KSI 1390 Wombat Keyboard

The KSI 1390 Wombat has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Programmable 161 Keys-MSR with Optional Barcode

1390 Wombat multifunction, 160 key Programmable point of sale keyboard with 2 or 3 track integrated MSR and optional barcode port. Decoder port accepts smart or dumb barcode guns. Third track reads DMV drivers license cards. Single/dual/quad keys are available as well as custom keycaps. Built Rugged, designed to last years in the field. Windows based programming utility.
1390 Wombat Options
KSI 1390 Wombat (KSI-1390 2NPI)
161 key, TI/II MSR, Without Barcode port, PS/2 Cable, Ivory
KSI 1390 Wombat (KSI-1390 2CPI)
161 key, TI/II MSR, Barcode port, PS/2 Cable, Ivory. Minimum order of 10 units. Please Call for more information.