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KoamTac KDC200 Scanner
KoamTac KDC200 Scanner
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KoamTac KDC200 Scanner

The KDC200 enables diverse mobile Auto-Identification applications for collecting and storing barcode data. A built in display eliminates blind erroneous data collections and enables interactive data collection processes. An easy-to-replace rechargeable battery that can recharge from any USB port allows more than 15,000,000 barcode scans. With 4MB of on-board memory that stores over 100,000 product records, memory shortages are also no longer a problem. All items are non-returnable.
KDC200 Options
KoamTac KDC200iM (325150)
Barcode Collector, Opticon Laser, 4MB, MFi Certified. Works with Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod).
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KoamTac KDC200M (320150)
Barcode Collector, Opticon Laser, 4MB.
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Recommended Accessories
KoamTac KBD401G (300120)
Bluetooth Dongle Spec.4.0 Class 1 Retail Package.
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KoamTac KDC-RC200 (936000)
KDC200 Protective Boot.
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KoamTac KDC-NSP (922020)
Safety Lanyard Professional. Also referred to as part number 922020.
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KoamTac KDC-NS (922000)
Safety Lanyard. Also referred to as part number 922000.
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KoamTac KDC-FT200L (L) (906200)
KDC200 Finger Trigger Left Large Size.
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