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KENWOOD 2-Way Call Boxes Digital/Analog - UHF 2 watt 450-470 MHz, Narrow/Wide Band, Heavy Duty "Club Call box", Battery or AC power
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Full specifications (PDF)

2-Way Wireless Long-Range Radio Communication For Fixed Locations
The XT Series Callbox provides long range, real-time, 2-way communication between students/visitors/customers/employees and radio-equipped personnel. Now you can extend safety and security to even the most remote locations without costly trenching or monthly air-time fees. This wireless technology enables you to improve response time without adding additional personnel or infrastructure.

Full specifications (PDF)

Model XT Series Two-Way Radio Callbox

The KENWOOD RQX-427-XT is also known as JVCKENWOOD RQX-427-XT or RQX427XT .