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Jolly ST6-PRE General Software

Jolly School Track - Premier Edition: Enroll students/import records, issue photo ID cards, swipe card to check-in, see attendance reports, mark absences automatically, email parents automatically, issue tardy slips, (Does not include access control system integration, criminal watch list cross-check, lookup host information in Active Directory)
Store student and visitor records in any database

Register students and visitors on-site with Jolly's School Track. Registration can be completed on-site, online via your company's intranet or at self-registration kiosks. Design and issue professional, durable student ID cards, badges and passes using the integrated card designer. Several pre-designed templates are included to make it easy to issue plastic ID cards. Eliminate paperwork and improve student behavior. Take attendance with a quick scan of a student's ID card. adsences are autimatically recorded at a scheduled time each day. Manage tardiness with a quick scan of a student's ID card and click of the mouse. Automatically assign punishments for repeat offenders. Track and control access to your events. Track entry and exits by requiring attendees to scan their badge when entering or leaving a facility. Centrally manage multiple locations and databases. Connect to any ODBC or OLE DB compliant database, including MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more.

Brand Jolly
Model School Track

The Jolly ST6-PRE is also known as ST6-PRE or ST6PRE .