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Jabra 24089-999-999

Jabra Evolve2-40 - Evolve2 40 USB-A, MS Stereo
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Full specifications (PDF)

Engineered to keep you on task. Exceptional audio, outstanding noise isolation, superior comfort.
Put on your Evolve2 40 and feel the noise around you instantly fade, as the isolating foam oval ear cushions and pioneering new angled earcup design work to effectively block out your surroundings, giving you outstanding passive noise cancellation. We've taken our busylight to a whole new level, making it visible from any direction. The red light is automatically activated when you're on a call or in a meeting, or you can activate it yourself at the touch of a button. So, even when you're right in the middle of everything, your busylight will protect you from all angles, and all interruptions.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Jabra
Model Evolve2 40 Headset

The Jabra 24089-999-999 is also known as GNN-24089999999 or 24089999999 .