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ITW Linx UP2P-75 UltraLinx Protector Surge Protector

The ITW Linx UP2P-75 UltraLinx Protector has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Analog and digital voice block surge protector with Sneak Current Protection

UP2P-75 UltraLinx Protector from ITWLinx protects against fires caused by overloads and power crosses. The Single Pair Protection method protects only the lines requiring protection. The Solid-state Protection automatically resets without user intervention and provides the fastest response to transient voltages by quickly diverting damaging surges to ground. It utilizes 160mA self-resetting PTC's to eliminate service calls.
UP2P-75 UltraLinx Protector Options
ITW Linx UP2P-75 UltraLinx Protector (110-UP2P-75)
High Speed 110 UltraLinx Protector with 110-PTC-2, 1 Pair, 75 V Clamping Voltage