ITW Linx MRSDB Module Surge Protector

The ITW Linx MRSDB Module has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

RS-232 line protection with Auto-Resetting Technology

MRSDB Module from ITWLinx, with Auto-Resetting Technology, protects 25-wire RS-232 lines. The PTC resistors open when a surge occurs, protecting your equipment. Unlike other fuses, however, the PTCs close again once the surge passes. The unit offers expandable system protection using towerMAX Series Base Units. It also features Signal Perfect Circuitry for auto-resetting surge protection for data networks, telephone and coax lines with DB-25 termination type.
MRSDB Module Options
Protects one 25-wire RS-232 line using DB-25 connectors, UL Listed Secondary